Sunday, January 20, 2008

You ask what’s wrong

~ ~ ~ ~

You ask what’s wrong,
and I can’t answer.
Not because there is no answer,
but because the answer
is too painful to speak.

~ ~ ~ ~

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sranding on the Edge

~ ~ ~ ~

Standing on the edge,
looking in,
looking around,
seeing nothing.

What do I hear?
There is sound,
but it is nothing.

I know that I’m where I should be,
but I’m here

Sometimes we have control over life
and others we don’t
and knowing the difference
is key
to making life worth the living,
to being happy,
to avoiding being pulled
into the darkness
of nothing.

Holding on to the good in life
I know is what I must do.
Disappointment will be,
but I won’t give in again.
I’ll remember to be happy
even here,
standing on the edge,
looking in,
looking around,
seeing nothing.

I’m in charge.
Of me.
Of my frame of mind.
Of my happiness.

Even when I'm
standing on the edge.

~ ~ ~ ~

Sunday, January 13, 2008

He Loved Her

~ ~ ~ ~

He loved her
in ways we couldn’t understand
and probably never will.
He loved her
when they were youngsters,
just old enough to date.
His love held strong

through all the years

of hard times

and good times alike.

Through the challenges of raising children,

the mundane daily life,
his love for her was ever present.

Often he lashed out
with a tongue as sharp

as the bite of a whip,

yet he loved her beyond description.

I think he feared losing her.
I believe he never thought himself

worthy of a woman such as she.

She was beautiful.

She was smart, no, wise.

Her heart was big and gentle.
He knew he wasn’t worthy

of a woman as perfect as she.

When the dust of stressful times settled

they were always together,

hand in hand,

and at those moments,

the love in his eyes
when he looked at her

was beautiful to see.

I don’t know that she found life

as sunny side up as he did,

but she unabashedly loved him in return.

~ ~ ~ ~