Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Buck Up, Buttercup!


I live alone.
I like it that way.
I’m free to come and go,
to sleep in or rise with the sun.
I can wear my jammies all day long,
or go to get the mail with no bra.
I don’t have to wear makeup if I choose,
and if I fart, the dogs don’t go “Eeuuwww!”
I can eat what I want, when I want,
and if I don’t shower, there’s no one to care.
I like my life.
It suits me.

just occasionally,
there is something that changes it.
Like now.
Sometimes being alone kinda sucks.
Like now.
When I want someone to be there
to share something big,
to laugh with me over a silly mistake.
I'd like someone who makes it more fun,
who knows me well enough to just get me.
You know, someone to put arms around me
and just let me cry,
to tell me it will be OK,
even when we neither know that,
not for a fact.

Sometimes I’m simply scared.
Like now.
Sometimes I’m just lonely.
Like now.
Sometimes I just wish someone loved me unconditionally,
enough to overlook my insecurities,
to not care about my irrationalities,
to love me for me.
Like now.

But I don’t.
And my life will go on,
without question, it will.
And I tell myself,
“Buck up, Buttercup!”
And I do.

I’ll be OK.
I like living alone, and this is just part of it.
This will pass.
I’ll be back to myself soon,
watching a sunrise in my jammies,
no makeup or bra,
and I’ll fart when I want to!
So there, buttercup!
I like my life!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Caught Off Guard

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Friday, December 04, 2009




Hold my hand.

I don’t care what lies beyond.

Hold my hand,

and nothing will matter.

Look into my eyes.

Don’t look away.

Really look, deeply.

Can you see the promise

that I’m beside you?

Now and tomorrow.

Match my step. 

We’ve a long way to go.

Together we can do 





I love the feeling.

It’s the greatest feeling of all.


There is a quiet that surrounds me,

interrupted only by the sound of the wind

as it shivers through the pines,

needles brushing

and releasing their scent

and carrying it as far as it can.

It soothes me,

and brings to that calm.

And my heart