Sunday, May 05, 2013



~    ~    ~    ~


the rose gently shakes off the dew
as it slowly opens.

The sun kisses the soft petals,
lifting off the remaining moisture,
leaving a warm air
and brightening the color.

The rose show it’s glory,
the beautiful colors,
soft and rich,
as the petals open wider to the noonday sun.

Through the afternoon
the rose lifts its face toward the rays of the sun,
following the track of the warmth
moving on its stem
from one horizon to the other,
until the evening.

As the sun settles behind the curve of earth,
the rose sags a bit on the stem.
The air cools,
the dew falls once again.
The petals hungrily sip at the moisture,
and fold a little to hold the precious dew drops.