Sunday, March 03, 2013


~    ~    ~    ~


 Hope is
the life of a new baby.
A world that gives
such a precious life
can’t be bad.

Hope is
a sunset,
knowing a day is ended,
the mistakes over,
the worries at bay,
rest promised at hand.

Hope is
a sunrise,
a clean slate,
a chance to try again,
success in reach.

Hope is a friend who hears,
who is there,
who understands
 – or not –
and it doesn’t matter.

Hope is
a connection to God,
when life seems good or bad,
a tie that withstands
the sway,
fraying perhaps at times,
but never breaking.

Hope is
a belief that tomorrow
and the next tomorrow
and the one after that
hold promise.

Hope is
–– Life.