Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Already There

I forgot to say when I posted the haiku with a picture yesterday that it is the beginning of a goal I've had for some time. I've wanted to pair photographs with my poetry or essays with the thought of perhaps some day in the future actually publishing something like that with my own photos and written works. I plan to play with this for a while and see how it goes.

~ ~ ~


Already my heart wings over the desert floor,
and I smell the faint essence of the sage
as it charges the air
with its seductive
and gentle scent.

I can feel the sandy earth
under my feet,
the softness with each step,
almost fluid,
as the grains shift gently,
fielding the weight of my foot.

I close my eyes
and I hear the sound
of the wind ticklling the scrub growth
and teasing the piƱons
across the foot of the mesa.
There is no other sound,
no crickets,
no birds in this melody,
only the wind passing thru
the strong, enduring plant life
of this desert landscape.

The cool, dry air passes across my forehead,
taking away the heat,
caressing the brow,
reminding me that I belong to the desert.

I turn my face to the sun,
and I close my eyes.
I absorb the beams
with gratitude,
feeling the familiar desert sun
as it leaves soft warm kisses on my face.

I’m not there yet,
but my memories and my dreams
hold me gently in their arms
until it can be.
Please soon.


Caroline said...

Love how you put the poetry with the pictures. Reading this you can really tell that your heart aches to get back to nm.

Lynilu said...

Caroline, thanks. I like it this way, too. And you are so right, it becomes an almost physical longing at times. A friend emailed me, too, and said that he could feel the sand and smell the sagebrush. I'd like to think that by my presenting it this way, it helps people who haven't seen the country or haven't appreciated the deep beauty that rests there to have a little understanding and a new appreciation. I hope.