Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Words OF Love

~ ~ ~

What is is about us?
I know I love you,
There’s no question to that.
I look at you and I know.
It’s different from day to day,
My love -- just as the weather
Or my mood
Or the color of the sky
Is never the same.

How can I tell you that
So you’ll understand?

You want my love to be

It is! And it also changes!

But sometimes I know
You’re frustrated with me
And you don’t understand
And I wish I had the words
But I don’t
And you need to know
But how can I say it
And ... and ...

~ ~ ~


my said...

You are happy for you know what's love.Love is in the eyes,love is in the hands,love is in the every movement or a series of movements,love is communicating between mind and mind.

Lynilu said...

My - Yes, love is all that. You say it so beautifully. Thanks you for visiting.