Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Five Little Angels

~ ~ ~

Five little angels,
maybe more,
waiting for me on the other side.
I had no chance to know them,
to hold them.
They were gone
before a breath was drawn,
before I could
touch their tender, soft skin.

At first I cried,
then the numbness began
and grew with each loss,
until my mind strangled.
And people said,
“But you’re young,”
and they said,
“You’ll have another.”

But over and over
I tried
and I cried.
And my heart broke.

When the time’s right
and I cross, too.
I’ll know them.
I’ll hold them
and the ache will be gone.

~ ~ ~


Sherry said...

This one touches my heart very, very deeply. I lost 2 pregnancies myself and I often wonder "who" would these children be...

Lynilu said...

It is difficult in a way that only those who have been there can understand. I can't imagine having more children as wonderful as the two I have, but I keep trying.

my said...

It's so long time that I can't log in the station.I think I lost many times to feel life and poems.I don't know when the web will tell me can't log in next time.Anyway,today it's ok.
So I want to say:
Life is life.
You always can feel life through everything,so I think you are lyrical.
I like the wind,the snow,the flowers,the leaves,the cloud,the sunrise,the bird,the love in your words.
It's beautiful feeling to read your diaries full of deep affection.

Lynilu said...

My, I'm so glad to see you here again! It is wonderful that life goes of, even after sadness. I could have become sad for my whole life, but I chose to see the things you speak of, all the beautiful world around me.

Thank you for visiting my blog once again. Your comments are always welcome. :)

Yearn to travel said...

many years ago, i had a miscarriage. The doctors thought maybe I had a tubal pregnancy and they were going to have to operate. If indeed I did have a tubal pregnancy they would had to of removed my ovary. As my husband and I were signing into the hospital for surgery, we saw the most amazing double rainbow out side the hospital window. I knew it was a sign that everything would be alright...and it was.
Beautiful and moving poem!

Lynilu said...

YTT - Thanks for the visit!

Yes, among the hardest of life's experiences. There were times I thought I'd never recover. The grief is eternal, but the intensity abates after a while. And life is good again.

Your rainbows ... what a wonderful sign to have and just exactly when you needed it!



Hi Lyn,

I am Camy, I enjoy your poems.. they are just so beautiful and inspirational.. I'm awaiting for your next one.. your so amazing with your words and toughts!! Take care bye!!