Saturday, May 17, 2008

Love and Love and Love

~ ~ ~ ~


How is it possible to feel
So much love
After such a long time?
I don’t understand
How my heart works,
Or my head either,
For that matter,
In these things.
There is Love,
And there is Love,
But there is also Love.
And trying to explain
Is just too much.
I’m happy that I can be
In this place and time
With the medley of feelings
I have for the people
In my life
Without being caught up
In the “politics”
Of love.

~ ~ ~ ~


Dee said...

Trying to explain it is too much yes but musing about it in poetry you do a damn fine job.

Lynilu said...

Dee, thanks. I suspect if we ever could explain it, the definition would be like a dissertation paper!! Complex, to say the least.

my said...
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my said...

I always want to know what's love. Maybe I will, maybe not. But I love people and the world. Sometimes I hate something just because I love it.

Lynilu said...

My - I think we all want to understand love. It would be nice to know, yet I think it would take away the excitement, as well.