Thursday, April 02, 2009

This Time

There are times in my life
for which I’ve had great regret.
I suppose we’ve all had those moments
when we think, “If only ....”

I choose to not live in those moments of my life.
It takes self-reminders sometimes.
Many times.
But I’m getting better at it,
and I’m truly enjoying my life now.

It is not always easy to be positive,
not now,
not with the many things
that try to wrench away composure in the lives of us all.
And I don’t always succeed.
But I do love my life
and all those who are with me
and who help me be who I can be.

And I’m happy to be where I am,
doing what I do,
being what is me,
and most of all loving life.

This is not one of those times in my life
for which I have regret.
This is a time of joy
and learning to live life better than yesterday.
I love my life.
Pitfalls included.
But can we have fewer pitfalls?


Thank you.


my said...

I think you are a philosopher.

Lynilu said...

My, I think one can not be a poet without being a philosopher, as well. Thank you. That is a great compliment. :)