Sunday, December 23, 2012


~    ~    ~    ~


There are moments
that take my breath away
in surprise,
delicious, fleeting joy
gone so quickly
I can’t recapture

There are moments
that stick with me
well beyond the time
I want them,
but they are etched reminders
for future days.

There are moments
I cling to and push away
all at once,
for they hold times
and people
I’ve lost
but can’t let go.

There are moments
so still
I’m afraid to breathe,
as it might break
the spell,
and I’d never see
the next,
never know
the secret.

~    ~    ~    ~


Dakota said...

I just found this! Beautiful! I rarely click on this link since I did not think you still posted to it.

Lynilu said...

Well, I'm glad you checked. Obviously, I don't post regularly here, but I still do.

Glad you enjoyed!