Sunday, September 10, 2006

Affirmations From A Child

The following is untitled, just random thoughts I had one day about why the rough parts of parenting are worth it. Sometimes, it is hard to remember. Times like this bring back the answer with no doubt as to why we continue.

My children made my life, in general, worth going on. Coming home to my children was one of life's greatest pleasures.

~ ~ ~

Nothing soothes
The frazzled ends
Of a bad day
As a sweet child’s voice
Singng a song
As she cuddles in your arms
And whispers
That her best friend
Wore a dress today, too.
Somehow the world seems right again
As she recites a verse
About a green frog
And a pink bunny,
And you really don’t care
How tired you are
When she says,
“Mommy, you’re pretty
And I love you.”

Listen to the child,
Feel her soft hand
On your face....
Let her gently
Make the good life
Real again.

~ ~ ~

Here is the same little girl
cuddling with her daddy
and spending time
with my own daddy.


Catherine said...

Oh, how very lucky your daughter is to have such beautiful poetry written about her. Thanks for sharing this, Lyn. :)

Lynilu said...

catherine - thanks for your post that reminded me of it.

Dakota said...

Thank is so very sweet. Thank you for sending me the link so you could share. I'm in tears at my desk now. Great! *wink*
The little ones do make it all worthwhile!