Sunday, November 12, 2006


~ ~ ~

Winds singing through the pines
and an amazingly blue sky.
What gifts!

The scent of sage mingled with
the essence of the air
in the mountain sun.
Could there be more?

Birds chirping somewhere
beyond my sight
in the lush foliage,
then a doe with her fawn
ventures carefully,
to the edge of the prairie grass.
She stops
and watches me.

So still.

And the chamber music of nature
continues to entertain
as the doe and I watch each other.
What amazing, deep brown are her eyes.
I breathe slowly,
for even a sudden intake of air
might send her away.
The fawn,
not yet fully artful of the dangers of humans,
nibbles at the dry grasses.

For long minutes we remain thus,
both she and I afraid to move,
and then the opus of nature
is interrupted by something beyond my perception,
but not that of this gentle, beautiful mother.
The fawn is gone in an eyewink,
while the mother lingers a second more,
as if to assure that I won’t follow.

Then she, too, disappears into the safety
of the piƱons and pines.

I blink my eyes,
as I’ve been afraid to do for these moments,
and I see that the few clouds in the sky
have shifted while I was mesmerized.
In those seconds
the sounds of nature have changed also,
as I hear more, different birds,
and there are distant sounds of cars on the highway.
I wonder how long we really stood there,
that mother of the wild
and this human one in the doorway.

The sun on my shoulders is warm.
The wind continues to whistle in the trees.
The clouds move slowly across the sky,
and I move on with my activities.
But the fleeting time that I stood
captivated in her eyes
is imprinted in my heart.
Now when I hear the breeze
pushing through the forest
and smell the gentle aromas of nature,
I will remember the gentle creature
who trusted me just enough
to stay and let me know her
a bit.

~ ~ ~


Patrice Julien said...

Nice music on your path...
I have four Native american flutes and play very often...
Have a nice day.

Lynilu said...

patrice - Thank you. I love NA flutes. So soothing. I hope to buy one and learn to play in the next year or so, a part of my settling into my wonderful, new life. I'm glad you stopped by to visit. Hugs in return.

Patrice Julien said...

Dear Lyn
Last August, during the Indian Market in Santa Fe I bought a great white Cedar Flute from a Native artist named Guillermo Martinez. He his a very sweet person and makes really powerful flutes, drums and rattles but lives in California, if you want his e-mail adress let me know.

Patrice Julien said...
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Patrice Julien said...

I try again to put the link in a better way

Lynilu said...

patrice - Thank you for the link and the information1 I am now, officially, looking into deciding what flute(s) I want/need/fit me. Again, thanks!

ilias said...

beautiful poem and music. I felt like I was holding my breath to see the deer in your poem. Reminds me of the beauty of nature. Thank you.

Lynilu said...

ilias - I find myself having that holding-of-the-breath feeling often these days. I've been back almost 6 weeks, and it just goes on and on. I'm glad it does.

Miss Richardson said...

Stopped by here today and the writing and music is beautiful. You really capture it well.

Pendullum said...


Lynilu said...

miss richardson - I somehow missed noticing that you'd been here. So sorry. Thank you for the visit and your comment.

pendullum - Thank you, also.