Sunday, December 03, 2006

A New Mexico Christmas

~ ~ ~


Christmas is more
Than the holly on the door
And the mistletoe hanging overhead.
It’s more than wind-up toys
And little girls and boys
Waiting for Santa in their beds.

It’s ojos on the tree
And the red Chilies
That make our trees unique.
Piñatas that swing
Are a different thing,
Like Luminarias lining the street.

An owl called 00-TEE
Tells the Christmas story
From the Indian Point of view.
A nativity town
May have faces of brown
When you mix a culture or two.

More than I’ve told
I think you’ll behold
The unusual, interesting ways
Right on hand
In our Southwest land
To celebrate Christmas Day.

The holiday cheer
At this time of year,
It stretches for many miles.
This holiday kind
Of warmth, you’ll find,
Lasts all year in New Mexico smiles.
~ ~ ~


my said...

Hi,it is so long period of time that I can't log in the web.Your heart just is always so young.The words are so natural and fresh.
By the way,what's the meaning of "ojos",thanks.

Lynilu said...

Hi, My!! I'm so happy to hear from you!

Too bad about the blog, but you could start another one, you know. I hope you do.

An "ojo," pronounced as "o-ho," is a Spanish word. It means "eye," and is short for "ojo de dios" or "eye of God." It is something made in this part of the world, sometimes used to decorate Christmas trees or to hang on the wall.

some are elaborate:

some are simple:

there are many variations:

I'm very happy to have you visiting my blog again!