Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Chasing Butterflies

I'm anxious today, waiting to hear about things having to do with the house, getting on with the next step of my life. I'm feeling impatient with myself for the nervousness, impatient with others for delays, impatient with the Universe because this shouldn't be happening. And knowing that I can't change anything with anxiety or impatience or any of those other negative vibrations.

I remembered a poem I wrote sometime in the past. It isn't exactly as I remembered it, but I'm going to post it because it has a good, positive message. Maybe this will help me to wait until the time is right and all things are as they should be.

~ ~ ~


I watched you fall
While chasing after butterflies
On the beach.
You slipped on the loose sand,
Skinning your knees,
your hands
and your pride.
You were wounded, stunned
And sat there for so long
As if wondering
Where you went wrong.

I offered my hand to help you up
But you pulled back, not wanting to smear me
With your mistake.

How can I make you understand
That nothing’s wrong,
That we’re both sitting on the sand,
Not defeated,
Only resting,
So that we can chase more butterflies.

There’s one now!
Come with me!
This may be the one we’ll catch!

~ ~ ~


Loving Annie said...

That poem was a beautiful description of genuine friendship. And the butterfly pictures are perfect with it ! So very pretty !

Lynilu said...

Annie - This was the whole reason I got into photography. I wanted to pair my poetry with pictures. It is fun, paired or not, both the writing and the snapping. And thank you, again!

Loving Annie said...

Good Tuesday morning Lynilu... How are you doing today ?

I'll be over at your other blog in a few minutes to see how the painting is going, etc !

I have to admit, that whether you have a new post or not, I come back every morning because I love that piece of music so much...

Matthew said...

This is my first visit and I must say, you have written wonderful poems...

I look forward to visiting often.
Make today a GREAT DAY!

Lynilu said...

Matthew - Thank you, for the visit and the lovely words. If you checked my other blogs you know that I am undertaking a move in the next few days. I've been rather consumed with a very looooooong period of up-rootedness. I'm relieved that it is coming to an end, as it gives me hope that I will return to more productivity in my writing and photography.

Please be patient with your visits and dont give up on me. I will post more here soon.I'll also pay a significant visit to your blog. A quick tour was intriguing!