Tuesday, February 13, 2007

When There Is Love

~ ~ ~ ~

When there is love
No words are needed.
There are no bells
Or roses
Or silly fantasies,
But you’ll know love is present.

When there is love,
No one need say,
“We have love.”
It’s just there, as good and sweet
As any word could say,
Yet it defies words.

When there is love
There is warmth
And goodness that comes
From the communication
Of hearts.

When there is love
There is a tenderness to all.
Tenderness to your love,
To friends,
To strangers.

When there is love
We are filled with joy
Of the simplest kind,
Joy of togetherness,
Joy of youthful souls,
Joy of life.

When there is love
There is no need for words.
Let’s not talk ––
Let’s just love!

~ ~ ~ ~


my said...
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my said...

There's a sound in the World,and we call it silence.There's a quietness in the World,and we call it foreverness.There's a feeling in the World,and we call it understanding.There's a language in the World,and we call it expression.There's a relationship in the World,and we call it response.There's a love in the World,and we call it life.

Oh,by the way,there's a method in the World,and we call it blog.

Lynilu said...

My - Ah, yes! And what would we do without our blogs? :-)

my said...

Could you tell me the meaning of "butterflies-in-the-stomach",nice or something?Thanks.

Lynilu said...

My, that is a phrase we use to explain the nervous feeling in the stomach that one sometimes has, perhaps before giving a speech, or when preparing to appear on stage (an actor or a musician). It is also used to describe the fluttering feeling one may have when falling in love. “Butterflies in the stomach” specifically means that it feels like one has swallowed some live butterflies that are flying around in the stomach. You know, when your stomach sort of “tingles” when you share that first kiss with someone! So, yes, it is very nice!!

my said...

Oh,that's a memorable and wonderful feeeling.It's so vivid that I can feel it.

Lynilu said...

Isn't memory a wonderful thing? Yes, I remember the feeling also. Ahhhhh.

s3 said...

Once again, you've captured volumes in your poetry. Well done!

Lynilu said...

s3 - Thank you. I'm a pacifist at heart, much to the dismay of your brother, I sometimes think! I have the belief that if you live your life with love, for dear ones, for self, for strangers, life will simply be better. I'd love to live where there was nothing but love and peace. Hard to imagine in our world, isn't it?

Loving Annie said...

Good Tuesday morning Lynilu !
The music on your page and the wordss of that poem are absolutely beautiful ! So glad I came by to visit. Will be back ! Adding you to my links (this was updated after your temporary tent one, so not sure which one to use...)

Lynilu said...

Loving Annie - All the blogging problems are worked out, and I'm not using the tent at this time. All 3 others are good. Thanks for stopping by, and yes, do return. I'll be settled in my home soon and hope to be blogging more regularly on the Pen and See blogs. Stay tuned!

Loving Annie said...

Thanks ! You are up and linked on my blog from here, and also never ending journey !
I'm back again just to hear that beautiful song, read each of the poems, and see the beautiful pictures that go with them... This was just what my heart needed today.
Blessings ---

Lynilu said...

Loving Annie - Well, welcome and I'm so happy that you find value here! that makes the blog definitely worth while!


Loving Annie said...

I like stopping here first thing in the morning.
The 'falling rain' song and the words to 'when there is love' poem (and the rest !) are a wonderful way to begin my day.

Such peace...

It is raining here in concert with the song... My ragdoll cat, Flopsy, is staring out the window in fascination...

Have a good Wednesday the 28th, Lynilu.

Lynilu said...

Annie - Thanks. I promise to be back on track with new poetry in a fairly short time. Life is just too busy right now!

Your profile says "West Coast," and I'm guessing you're in the northern part of that, because of the rain and a reference to wearing a coat in your own blog. I love that part of the country. Beautiful beyond description. I, unfortunately, could not live there because I have SAD and require sunshine in large amounts, hence my return to New Mexico.

So glad to have you hanging around! Hope your day is delightful!

Loving Annie said...

Hi Lynilu,
Actually, I'm a southern Califoria native, and live in Orange County right now...

I have a dream of spending the latter part of my life in Carmel, CA. near Pebble Beach, however...

I crave the morning fog and the trees next to the ocean and the relative coolness, and the quaint small quietess of it combined with the luxury...

Maybe in 5 years, or 10... We shall see...

New Mexico makes perfect sense to offset SAD, Lynilu. Good for you for picking a place that nurtures you !

Anyway, am off to lunch with a cousin. Chinese food...

Looking forward to hearing/reading about the new house you are moving in to (next week ?)