Thursday, February 14, 2008

Whoever You Are

~ ~ ~ ~

I miss you.
I’m not even sure who you are,
But I miss you.
I’m very alone and I’m waiting
for you,
whoever you are,
to join me.
I want to feel you touch me,
a brushing of elbows as we both reach for a book to read,
or the warmth of a momentary caress
of your fingers on the back of my hand,
love unspoken.
I find myself wondering if you miss me.
Is there an empty place in your life,
a place that I fit?
Or are you happily oblivious of my absence?
Or am I simply insane?

~ ~ ~ ~


LostInCO said...

very nice.

fatty said...

This is how I feel when I'm lonely. I wish I knew what I was missing.

Lynilu said...

Lost - Thanks!

Fatty - I think it is normal to feel lonely at times, even when we have people, including a special someone, around us. I'm sort of reaching the stage now where I'm wishing for a special male friend to share significant parts of my life, but not necessarily looking for a forever thing. I miss not having a (I don't like this term, but I can't think of another) soul mate.

M said...

often when i experience something joyous or sad i wish there were that someone who would understand, see it like i did. that urge to reach out is tremendous. i like the way you've put it together.

hv fun.