Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Crescent Moon

~ ~ ~ ~


The night is cool,
and the sky is very dark.
The crescent moon rests in the sky,
forming a cradle of light.
I’ve watched it a while,
soothed by the peace of it all,
and in my mind
I see you there,
nestled in the curve of the moon
safe and secure,
just as you are in my heart.
Sleep, my dear one,
lulled by the song I sing in my head
and warmed by the blanket of love
I’ve tucked around you.
I love the moon,
and I love you.

~ ~ ~ ~


Monogram Queen said...

I love moon stuff! I like looking at the word moon and I like the way it sounds... Moo-oo-n

Oh, and I like your poetry too!


Lynilu said...

Hey, girl! Am I reading that right, did you just moon me? giggle! Thanks!