Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How Unexpected!

How Unexpected!

You were really unexpected.
Unexpected when you appeared,
out of the blue,
a surprise suddenly just there at my elbow.
A good surprise,
one that was welcome from the moment we connected.

I didn’t expect what was between us to grow.
Acquaintances passing in a moment of life,
that’s what I thought.
We passed each other in that way many times before,
So what would make this one different?
Nothing, I thought.
So the lingering,
the deepening,
that was unexpected.

I was cool.
I didn’t expect much.
I would not have thought you and I
Might be something,
become something,

It wasn’t what I thought would happen
when you said this
and inferred that.
I kept thinking, No, he’s not serious.
But you kept saying
and doing,
and I found myself moving closer,
risking more,
without understanding how I could let myself be this vulnerable.
Never again, I’d said before.
Never again.
But here I am.

Unexpectedly, I’m finding myself
moving out of that old, long established
comfort zone.
The comfort zone I built
to protect myself,
the one with shut down feelings and distance
to be safe.

And unexpectedly, I find
I’m comfortable!

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Anonymous said...

I tease Mike that he followed me like a lost puppy dog I didnt want another relationship so soon and he was just an a passing ship. But he didnt give up and I am so happy he didnt.