Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fall Is Here

I've been busy, and only now did I realize that I haven't posted here for over a month. Time certainly can slip by, can't it? Here is one that I wrote recently while watching the vibrant colors of the trees in the valley below the house.k We had some strong winds in the past few days, and many of those trees are nearly bare now.

~ ~ ~

Fall is here.
Rain is gently coming down.
It’s not cold yet,
but there is a coolness in the air
that tells of what is to come.
This fall marks a turning point in my life,
one that is long awaited,
and I open my arms to it.
Turn, leaves!
Bring the cool that relieves us
from the summer heat.
Soon, we’ll walk in the fallen leaves,
hearing them crunch and swish underfoot.
The air will be crisp, clean
but for the whiffs of smoke
from fireplaces,
where I picture families sipping cider
and watching the flames dance.
Fall flowers are in bloom,
grass is slowing it’s growth
and the geese are overhead,
trumpeting their journey south.
Life is good when fall is here.
Life is good.

~ ~ ~


Ilias- said...

I miss those crunchy fall leaves.. and the piles we made up in the Midwest around Halloween, the feeling of being freshly out of school in the afternoon and jumping into a huge mound of raked leaves.. the best part was the smell of those beautifully colored leaves.. it left an imprint. Guess I am combining your last post, except my memories, with this one. :^) Thanks.

Lynilu said...

ilias - You've lived in several places and different climates, as I have. Aren't you glad you've had the opportunity to experience those and have those imprinted in your memory card? It is then yours forever.