Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Forever Memories

~ ~ ~

I look to the sky.
Silent, the wind moves the clouds.
Silent, the earth moves.
Everything is peaceful.

If I close my eyes a moment
and take a deep breath,
then look again, it seems
the clouds
have jumped across the sky.

My life is like that.
When I don’t pay attention,
things seem to have rushed ahead,
and time has sped away
taking with it
many precious moments
that I meant to savor just a bit more.

I’ve had many blessings,
and each is a treasure.

These memories are wrapped up
and tucked into the protected corners
of my heart.

These are mine forever,
untouched by time,
and that’s the most precious of all.

The mom
ents are gone,
but for the rest of my life
I can kiss my first love,

or see the desert sunset at noon.

I see my daughter as a bride,

my son in his graduation gown
with that crooked grin,

and hold my baby for the first time,

almost in the same quiet moment.

I remember the wind in my hair
and my feet in the air
as my bicycle coasts down the hill,

and have a loving chat with my mom
before she slides away into the haze.

All the moments already past

are just waiting to be taken
from their secret place
to be relived
and cherished
one more time.

~ ~ ~


Ilias- said...

I love the feeling in the memories here. What a wonderful way to think of a photo album or past experiences. Thanks.

Lynilu said...

ilias - I'm working on sorting out old pictures, some dating back to the 1800's, and the flod of memories is wonderful and exciting. I'm guessing that I'll be inspired more than once in this process. Thanks for stopping by.