Sunday, October 29, 2006

I Watched You Walk Away

I watched you walk away
without knowing
it would be the last
I’d see you.
Neither of us meant
it to be so,
it just was.
I’d given you my heart
long before that night ----
Did you even know that?
Or care?
I think you did.

On that last night
I loved you as completely
as I knew how.
That never stopped
even though
you were gone.

My life has been good.
Some ups and downs
but good.
Except I’ve missed you,
-------still do.
I’ve loved again
and been loved in return.
But you still have
my heart,
the part you took
the night I watched you
walk away.

~ ~ ~


Patrice Julien said...

Moving text...
essence of love
as a soft breeze
on our humanity...
so pure
so simple,

thank you...
the soul of a spider met in the net brought me here,
I give you a big hug from Tokyo Japan...

Lynilu said...

patrice - Thank you for your visit and comment. That the spider brought you here is good news. I return your hug with appreciation. I will visit your site soon!

Patrice Julien said...

Dear Lynilu
I may become a regular visitor because I like the loving way you look at things, I also like New Mexico (Was in Taos and Santa Fe this summer and think maybe... settle around for a while...)...
Love and hugs...
(hugging is good for health)
Good day!

Lynilu said...

Patrice, you will be welcome here. Thank you once again for the lovely comment. I understand the attraction to NM. If you've read my other blog, you know how thrilled I am to be back here again after many years away. Did you know that NM is a strong spiritual energy center? Many centuries ago, a Native American clan known as the Anasazi settled a large community almost directly west of the Santa Fe/Toas area. It was a spiritual center as well as center for trade. This area is called Chaco Canyon. It is said to still have strong spiritual energy and is considered by many if not most Native Americans to be a sacred place. I believe this is a part of the reason that some people, especially those who are open to the energies, are drawn to this part of the US. I am planning a trip there next year with some friends, during which we hope to open our senses for this powerful energy with the hope that it will be a wonderful spiritual experience.

If you come again to the area, perhaps we might meet for lunch or at least a cup of tea. Goodlife! And hugs returned.