Saturday, July 15, 2006

And all that stuff

Within a few days, I will begin posting to this blog. I plan to use this blog for written expressions that may or may not relate to my primary blog. Initially, the materials I post here will probably be things already written and in my portfolio, but I hope that I will soon be able to put some new items as they begin to pop up in my head and into my pen.

There will be a combination of poetry short stories, opinion essays, and various flights of fancy that present themselves to my head. I hope you'll come back and will enjoy your visits. Tellers of tales are happy just to be read. Your job is simple ... make me happy!

So ... I'll get this on it's way. I start posting as soon as I can find my pen. Where did I put that thing???


Caroline said...

Can't wait to start reading more of your writings.

Jen said...

You can count on me to enjoy your creations! :)

Lynilu said...

Thanks, gals, for the vote of confidence. Hope the silly kicker-off-er doesn't drive you away!! I promise some good stuff soon.

Silent One said...

excellent idea!

look forward to read more

Lynilu said...

silent one - stay tuned! Tomorrow I'm going to post something very different.