Thursday, July 20, 2006

Here Comes Summer!!

I think it is obvious who I put this one in here, given the incredibly nasty, hot streak of weather we've had lately.

~ ~ ~

Here Comes Summer

Summer is here,

just around the corner.
Already the days are long and hot.
It’s rained a lot.
The grass is thick and green,
a plush carpet underfoot,
and flowers are blooming
This time of year
is possibly the most beautiful,
as nature spreads
across all the hills,
along the river banks,
everywhere my eyes can see.
And yet,
on the threshold of summer,
I cringe,
because I know
the dread heat of July
is on it’s way.
As it creeps in,
it will choke away
the cooling, refreshing rain.
The rich green will turn
to pale green, then to tan
and crisp brown,
as it suffers
and withers from thirst
when the rain becomes
scarcer and scarcer.
Yet even as the countryside
wilts and dies,
humidity will form
like a thick, steamy blanket,
stifling us as we go about
our daily routines,
and hot.
I’ll groan
and long for winter again
even though I promised,
last December,
that I wouldn’t.
I can’t help it,
I will be miserable
and I’ll complain.
Hurry, snowfall!


Caroline said...

My thoughts exactly: Hurry, snowfall. Isabel (All about Me) has started a countdown to fall. I can't wait. Cool nights and warm days. There's nothing better in the world.

Lynilu said...

caroline - You are so right. But remember, as the the poem implies, next winter you'll be saying, "I wish this snow would go away, I'm sick of being stuck inside with freezing temps outside." You know you will!! I know you like cold weather better than hot, but you'll say it!! ;-)