Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cycle of Life

What I've published here thus far has been light-hearted, for the most part. I'm going to make a change of path that documents my journey. For my family members who come here, this may be difficult for you, but I think you will also be glad you came with me on this trip.

The following poem .... well, just read it.


The cycle of life
goes around
and back again.
I watch the flow of life
... ... my life ... ...
and wish I could hold it still
or turn it back
and perhaps at times redirect the path.
I enjoy my children as adults,
I remember them as babies and as teens.
I treasure the memories
but I also love the now
as I watch them with their own children,
coaxing, teaching and loving.
The grandchildren are so amazing,
each learning and growing into
a “self.”
As I watch them at play
my mind goes to my mother.
She must have watched me
and my children
in much the same way I do now.
I wonder what she thought
and felt
during those times.
I can’t ask her.
I’ll never know.
My mom’s two years old.

written 12/24/99

My mom passed away in June 2000, just three weeks after my dad died. She had Alzheimer's and hadn't recognized any of us is quite a long time, but I'm sure she knew Daddy was gone and she didn't want to remain without him. They were married for 69 years.


Caroline said...

You have shared this poem with me before. It is very touching.

Lynilu said...

Caroline - I didn't remember which I had shared. thanks.