Monday, July 31, 2006


Wishing peaceful pleasures for honorable readers.

~ ~ ~

Rose of Sharon bloom

hides among cool green leaves
this hot summer day

~ ~ ~


Caroline said...

Flowers like this remind me that my Grandmother's spirit is still out there keeping an eye on me. Thanks for posting the picture.

Lynilu said...

caroline - you're welcome. For the rest of you, this was taken at the fence that separated Caroline's yard from mine. Her grandmother planted it there long, long ago, and she used to say it was one of her favorites.

The Old Lady said...

I have recently started a "Legacy Garden" for my children. We have taken plants from their Great-Grandmother's garden(though she has passed) and now their Grandmother's garden and added them to ours. They love to see "Great-Grandma's" flower's bloom though they never met her.

We also planted an oleander bush when we burried our beagle in the spring. Every time it blooms I think it is Kos reminding me she is still with me.

Lynilu said...

Oh, what a wonderful tradition! I love that!